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Saturday, May 29, 2010


These images from The Big Picture website, owned by The Boston Globe, depict the disaster currently happening in the Gulf of Mexico from the Deepwater Horizon oil well. Visit their site for more pictures of the containment and clean-up effort.

Collected oil burns on the water in this aerial view seven miles northeast of the Deepwater Horizon site over the Gulf of Mexico, May 18, 2010. (REUTERS/Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace)

A ship maneuvers and sprays water near a rig in heavy surface oil in this aerial view over the Gulf of Mexico May 18, 2010, as oil continues to leak from the Deepwater Horizon wellhead. (REUTERS/Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace)

A shrimp boat is used to collect oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion in the Gulf of Mexico in the waters of Chandeleur Sound, Louisiana on May 5, 2010. (AP Photo/Eric Gay)

A helicopter flies over surface oil in this aerial view over the Gulf of Mexico, May 18, 2010. (REUTERS/Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace)

Crews try to clean an island covered in oil on the south part of East Bay May 23, 2010. (REUTERS/Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace)

Oil floats around booms and through marshlands of the Mississippi Delta on May 23, 2010. (REUTERS/Daniel Beltra/Greenpeace)

A Greenpeace activist steps through oil on a beach along the Gulf of Mexico on May 20, 2010 near Venice, Louisiana. (John Moore/Getty Images)

A BP cleanup worker rakes oil from the beach on May 22, 2010 on Elmer's Island, Louisiana. Authorities closed the popular tourist beach to the public and media wishing to visit the beach must be escorted by a BP official. (John Moore/Getty Images)


This is an horrendous disaster of global proportion. I've included some of the comments below from The Big Picture website. Clean-up and contain, complain, point the finger, and blame, but first things first, plug the damn hole.

Comment # 1073: So sad and depressing! And I feel partly to blame because I drive a car.... :(
Posted by Jon B Good May 28, 2010 06:09 AM

Me: You can assuage your guilt and take comfort in the fact that the carbon dioxide from your car is giving life to the trees and plants your drive by, which they turn into oxygen for you.

Comment # 1074: OVERPOPULATION and OVERCONSUMPTION are two major contributors to this statistically probable accident. Consider vegetarianism (meat industry is energetically wasteful), local food (to reduce transportation costs), and abstaining from having children.
Posted by Anonymous May 28, 2010 08:13 AM

Me: Yes, great idea, if we could all just abstain from having children we wouldn't have these terrible oil spills after about ohh, lets say a generation or so.

Comment # 1082: Anyone saying "drill, baby, drill" or that this is not a "learning moment" is a ****ing idiot! This needs to stop!! The resources ARE available...the resources have been there...with so much hydro, wind, water and countless other ways, we are truly an ignorant species to be doing this to our future generations; if, indeed, there will be many more.
Posted by kv466 May 28, 2010 10:32 AM

Me: Hydro, wind, water, solar...none of these are efficient or available enough to replace oil. You cannot fly a 747 on solar power. Now, if you want to explore nuclear...

Comment # 1083: Everybody has got an agenda... The oil companies have an agenda, the government has an agenda, you have an agenda and I have an agenda. I admit that I am plenty at cause for the oil demand; I imagine very little of what I own is not factory made at some point. However, I also believe there is a sliding scale of blame to be dispersed.
First the corporations for not taking the time and care with their mechanism to ensure that disasters such as this do not happen. This however would increase cost and set back operations for oil harvesting, not just for this well, but worldwide. Take a moment to ponder how this would affect you individually. Higher prices, slower advancement is what comes to my mind. Therefore, while companies are profiting from these oversights, it cannot be said that it is not driven by the mass of individuals.
Government... Government should be regulating and demanding more with regards to environmental safety from these corporations. The government should stop companies from walking all over it. But these are the times that we live in. Until this kind of interaction between corporate and government changes, this is what we have to work with. And I can't even afford the space in this response to even go into the nuance of that interaction. These governments give us many things that we can easily take for granted, and life would be be considerably more uncomfortable without them.
Yes... it's a tragedy, but the world will recover from this: I mean, Earth used to be a ball of fire... it has buffering mechanisms. Just remember, everyone, that we all add to this, even by enjoying "civil liberties." Also, we are all into this together, and finger pointing is not constructive. And please please do not rant on your holier than thou BS. Thanks!
Posted by Ian May 28, 2010 10:38 AM

Me: Reasonable

Comment # 1107: People always whine and cry foul, then they kick on their air conditioners, drive their cars, turn on their television sets, use their stoves, cook with plastic utensils, etc. Oil/carbon are not the enemy. They're part of nature. Sure, this is a disaster, but whining about it solves nothing. Complaining about the "greed" of corporations or the rich does nothing except for prove the jealousy of those with less of those with more.
What needs to be done is analyse the situation, find the weak points and fix them. Not some huge government regulation, or playing the blame game. Government isn't the solution. Regulation isn't the solution. Correcting the procedures and improving the technology/training of the equipment/personnel involved will solve these problems.
In the mean time, we will continue to live our lives. We can continue to educate ourselves, and we can continue to make improvements to the world we live in by developing better technologies and working to improve ourselves.
Posted by Daryl May 28, 2010 03:18 PM

Me: Without oil, the means of production come to a halt.

Comment # 1188: We are all going to die ! This is a world wide planet problem . If we do not come together on this , the whole planet and the ice caps will see oil within 2 yrs. THIS IS NOT JUST A PROBLEM FOR AMERICA . LIKE IT OR NOT ; THIS STUFF IS COMMING EVERYBODYS WAY. DROP EVERYTHING AND FIX THIS OR WE HAVE NO HOPE.
Posted by Ron May 28, 2010 03:43 PM

Me: Imagine if this thing continues to spew oil for the next few years, or decades. We have to plug the hole or any clean-up and containment efforts are pointless.

Comment # 1112: We do not need oil. Let the little microbes stay where they belong. We have wind, we have candles, we have the sun. We only use oil because Big Companies like BP make Big Money. We must stop or we will soon find ourselves in the 6th Major Extinction. Money is useless, except perhaps to paper your walls with. STOP IT!!!
Posted by Judith Harris May 28, 2010 04:49 PM

Me: We do need oil, we just need to get it from places more accessible than a mile under the surface of the Gulf.

Comment # 1121: When did this big dependency on oil and gas happen? Thousands of years ago? Come on, we're not that trapped by it. People consume way too much, every single person, every company, on a daily basis needs to be aware of what their impact is. Imagine a world where our impact and the suffering we bring to this planet are minimal, and then make it your reality every day. Dream it and Live it.
Posted by Community Spirit May 28, 2010 07:13 PM

Me: About 1942. The Utopic notion that we can all just get along and live in unison with nature exempts the fact that we humans are already part of nature, just like oil. So are earthquakes, volcanos, and hurricanes.

Comment # 1131: Thank you for the pictures that tell 10000 words....I will call my Senators and Reps Tuesday to urge a permanent ban on offshore drilling. I urge others to do the same. BP has amassed more power than any government, and reining them in will be very hard, but the President must take the reins and push for better controls both at the regulatory and legislative levels.
It seems we always see the light when horrific disasters take place. Prevention and eternal vigiland are the price we must pay. But the new Surpeme Court ruling that removes limits on campaign spending by corporations may truly be the death blow of our fragile democracy - look at the harm unchecked power by global coporations has already brought us.
God, save the Earth from the major corporations.
Posted by Kristin May 29, 2010 01:18 AM

Me: Unchecked power? The oil industry is one of the most regulated and restricted industries in existence. let's "drill baby drill" where it is easier and safer to get the oil.

Comment # 1133: Its not earth or nature we are killing..We are trying to kill our future generations..who knows..we are killing ourselves too..Stop blaming others...Each one of us is responsible for this..Our greediness is the reason for all..
Unless every one of us takes the blame and take steps, nothing can help from saving ourselves..Rather than blaming a particular person(Obama) lets accept the blame and start working towards it..
Posted by Satya May 29, 2010 01:54 AM

Me: The spill is not Obama's fault, or Bush, or anyone else for that matter. It was an accident. Now, you can say the response from the Obama Administration has been slow, or sketchy, or photo-opportunistic. But I wouldn't say they are to blame for the spill.

Comment # 1135: in response to post 1033 - Are you willing to give up your way of life to keep that promise? How are you planning on getting to work? Does your job have the charging stations necessary to recharge your car? Mine doesn't. I agree that promising to give up oil would be the dream situation but it is not at all realistic right now. Businesses would all have to have parking set-ups where all employees and customers could charge their vehicles (or stables for the horses :-P). With many companies struggling to stay afloat, how can we possibly expect them to be able to afford the charging stations necessary for the parking lot "remodeling"? Then you have the millions of people that are unemployed trying to figure out where to find the money to purchase an electric car to replace the gas powered ones that they already have.
Posted by Dee C May 29, 2010 03:22 AM

Me: Somebody gets it.

Comment # 1144: How many of you crying about stopping using the oil have actually stopped using cars and refused all plastics and drugs in your lifes? This is rediculous...
Posted by Kate May 29, 2010 06:07 AM

Me: Somebody else gets it too.

Comment # 1171: Boycott BP! Do Not Buy Gas From Them!
Posted by Anonymous May 30, 10 12:41 AM

Me: Yes, lets put them out of business so they cannot afford the containment and cleanup costs. No worries, the taxpayers will cover it