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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Superbowl XLIV (44)

Superbowl Sunday is here. Football fans have been waiting all year for this day. Colts fans have been waiting since the 2006 season to get back here. Saints fans have been waiting their whole life.

I thought it would be fun to blog some predictions before the game so I can see who was close or even right on.

President Barrack Obama predicts on Diane Sawyer Saints because of Katrina.
CNN Sister Jen predicts Colts 31-22.
NFL Network Host Tom predicts Colts 31-24
James Sheldon of predicts Saints 34-27
Dean Russin of predicts Saints 45, Colts 39
P.J. Harmer of predicts Colts in a shootout.
Sportswriter Rob Centorani predicts Colts 3, Saints 2.
Poker pro and “Amazing Race” contestant Maria Ho predicts Saints.
Online poker pro Dan “Wretchy” Martin predicts Colts.
Ten-time World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Doyle Brunson bet $100K on the Colts vs the Pats, he has hedged that bet with $50K on the Saints. If the Colts don't cover the spread...he'll win both.
Twitter user @JTMONEY1967 Glad to see someone has some sense! Go Colts! Colts 31, Saints 23.
Twitter user @dilaff: My guess - Colts 21 / Saints 17.
Twitter user @dolaff my guess saints 35 colts 31 but I'm rooting for colts.
Twitter user @JMFlyer1454 Super Bowl XLIV prediction... Colts 38, Saints 27.
Poker Player and Blogger @BobbyBracelet @ObieVIP Commercials cater to the retard masses, drunk by 8, miss all squares, GF nags me to stop watching, Saints in a close one.
Pro Poker Player @markseif Indy wins 24-20, in final drive! Manning to Garcone for 60 yard (plus) game winning play.
The Blogfather @Iggylicious Wager down on Indy. Time to start cooking in prep for gametime.
Twitter user @arieliondotcom Today the #Saints go marching in & ride the Colts like ponies! Saints for the win!
Playboy Playmate @JennPershing If the Saints don't win today my friend Elisse will flip a GO SAINTS.
Poker player and Blogger @notlikeyou @ObieVIP Indy-40 No-24
Twitter user @rediscover_me My Super Bowl pick for today is Cinnamon Toast Crunch.
Poker Blogger Chilly43 @ObieVIP #SB44 I predict I will eat too much chili and get drunk.
Actress and poker player ShannonElizab Gotta root for the underdogs-so-go Saints!
Reality TV Star @KimKardashian In route to the stadium. Let's go Saints! The energy is in the air!
Blogger @smokkee Let's go Brees and the #Saints !
Phil Mickelson hit the Saints golf ball longer than the colts ball on the CBS Pre-Game show.
Twitter user @jakatkin: Rooting for the Saints.... betting on the Colts.
Poker Player and Blogger @joesebok: city of New Orleans deserves a win today! Come on!

As for myself, I grew up in Baltimore as a fan of the Colts. in 1983, unannounced, they moved to Indianapolis in the middle of the night. Earlier that year I had left Baltimore when I joined the USAF and moved about an hour east of New Orleans. Over the next decade I became a fan of the Saints. I'll be pulling for the Saints today but I think they will come up short...Colts 31 Saints 28.