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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Palazzo Las Vegas

Pretty easy flight, 3 hours to Houston and the another 3 hours to Vegas. We caught a cab to The Palazzo where we have 4 nights comped plus $25 food credit and $50 in match play chips from the casino.

The lobby had this three story warping lighted Christmas decoration thingy.

Christmas Polar Bears floating on the last remaining ice berg in Las Vegas due to Global Warming.

My Ling sitting next to a sea of cranberries.

We got to our room and we were impressed. Much like the Venetian, the room is divided into two parts, king sized bed and then a sitting room closer to the window.

The view from our suite at The Palazzo.

Even the spare toliet paper is especially nice at The Palazzo.

The waterfall between The Palazzo and The Venetian.


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