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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Shopping in Las Vegas

We spent the better part of the day Christmas Shopping at the various shopping malls and outlets around Las Vegas.

We took the Deuce south down the Strip to Las Vegas Premium Outlet Malls. Found many great deals, really cheap. Snapped a few pics on the way back.

Our favorite place to shop is The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. Ling loves to shop for deals and we always find stuff here that you don't see at most traditional shopping centers.


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Blogger Sofia said...

Nice! I wanted to go to Vegas with my husband. We've always spent our Christmas here in Mississippi. Cash advances were enough for my gifts for the family, and I only allot a small portion of it for myself. The idea of having a vacation somewhere else should be a wonderful idea, but not this year I guess. Maybe next year. We'll be having our grand family reunion here in Mississippi. Payday loans have been spent for this grand celebration. I hope you have a great Christmas this year!

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