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Saturday, December 12, 2009

2009 WPBT Holiday Classic at Caesars Palace

The only poker I played this trip was the 2009 WPBT Holiday Classic at Caesars Palace this year. 86 bloggers from all over North America put their skills to the test.

For CJ's Luckbox Last Longer Challenge, I teamed with Iggy, and Rooster on Team "Bonus Code Iggy". As luck would have it, Iggy and I were seated next to each other at Table 44. Rooster got 86'd early so Iggy and I knew it would be an uphill battle to get into the Last Longer money. With blinds at 300/600 I raised to 1800 with pocket sixes, Iggy siting to my left pushed all his chips in and had me covered. I figured he must have a made hand so I laid it down. Iggy showed AK. I didn't want to flip for it at the point of the tourney anyway.

I built my stack back up and eventually got moved to F-Trains table. He was the clear chip leader and running the table. Raising almost every hand and taking the substantial blinds and antes. He raised to 5500 and I pushed all in for about 15K with AK. F-Train thought a while and folded, he said he had AQ. A few hands later he raised again, I pushed with AQ Crubs, this time he called and he had the AK. Two crubs on the flop another on the turn and yet another on the river for good measure. CK is right...crubs always ger there.

Iggy got knocked out in the thirties, eventually we were down to two tables, then one. I made the final table and in the money again. This is my fourth final table at a WPBT live event out of 5 events played. I finished 6th twice before at Aladdin and Imperial Palace, 2nd last year at The Venetian and now this year at Caesars Palace. 4 final tables out of 5 times, not bad. These are my people, hehe.

Final table play went a long time before anyone was knocked out. Eventually my 8-7 took out Elissa's short stacked QJ. A few rounds later I open shoved with KJ and got called by Joe Speakers 88 which held up and I was on the rail. Astin held on to beat Speaker and AlCantHang heads up to take the title and the golden hammer. Congratulations Astin...well played.


Blogger BWoP said...

Always bet on crubs!

It was great to see you again :-)

4:55 PM


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