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Saturday, December 13, 2008

2008 WPBT Holiday Classic at Venetian

Seriously, the only poker I played this trip was the WPBT Holiday Classic at the Venetian which was the main reason we came to Vegas. 82 Bloggers or friends/family of bloggers (FOB)'s put down $135 for a shot at blogger immortality. Levels were 30 minutes and we all started with 10K.

My starting table included:

Falstaff did a great job organizing the tournament, he came by our table and called us “The Asian and those with an Asian Fetish Table.” He was right on. CK would say about every other hand..."Looks like an Asian is gonna win this pot."

Soon, Iggy and John Kitkan joined us. It was alot of fun playing with all these folks. I played slow and tight. I doubled up with flush over flush and picked up a bounty of some nice copag cards and a green Las Vegas visor I was sporting. By the 2nd break had about 23k.

I was moved to new table and ran into AA twice in the first orbit. First, I lost with KJ to Aces, then a few hands later I lost with KQ to Dawn Summers Aces. Somehow I managed to keep most of my chips despite loosing to AA twice.

Eventually we got down to 2 tables with only 11 players left by the 4th break. I managed to double up with KK to 56K.

In reaching the final table and in the money I was pretty relived. I have played in 4 of these live WPBT events and this is my 3rd final table. I finished 6th twice before (Aladdin & Imperial Palace).

Down to six left and I am pretty short. I had about 30K left and knew I would not survive another round. Blinds were 6K and 12K with 2K ante. Under the gun I pushed pre-flop with 34 off-suit hoping to just steal the blind but got 2 callers. The board came all low cards and when the 5 hit on the river…it was a beautiful thing. I rivered a straight and tripled up to over 90K and that was enough to keep me in til the end.

Maigrey eliminated several players and eventually found myself heads-up against her for the title. She had a 3:1 chip advantage when we started heads-up play, but I started getting good hands and was able to double up and make us pretty even. The all-in fest was short lived and we started seeing some flops and some post flop play. We each would bet just enough to make the other think hard about the call. Lots of folds. I went on a mini heater with AK, JJ, and AQ in back to back to back hands to take the chip lead. She came back with some good post flop raises forcing me to fold an open ended straight draw. We went back and forth for about an hour. I called a raise with AK and when she bet out on the J high flop I pushed and she called with 10 10. Turn was a Q but no help on the river and she won the tourney. A well deserved victory. Second place was $1660.

2008 WPBT Holiday Classic Final Table Results
1 Maigrey
2 Obie
3 Shai (Karols fiancee)
4 Katkin
5 Oh Captain
6 Pokerpeaker
7 Dawn Summers
8 $mokkee
9 BuddyDank
10 Astin

Thanks to CaApril for tweeting the final table, so I was able to recall some of the hands.


Blogger Karol said...

Great meeting you! You played great!

6:09 PM

Blogger BWoP said...

Congrats on the cash. It was nice to have you at my starting table :-)

2:30 AM

Blogger Ignatious said...

way to go, obie. was very happy to get a chance to play at your table before i busted.

6:28 PM

Blogger OhCaptain said...

It was a pleasure playing with you. Congrats on the nice score!

10:24 PM


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