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Monday, September 01, 2008

Lisa Nova Does Sarah Palin

**Questions to answer from Lisa Nova:

1) What do you think of Sarah Palin, McCain's choice
for VP?
Answer: Love it. A strong woman who got there on her own....not on who she is married to.

2) Do you think he chose her solely for political reasons?
Answer: Yes of course, all decisions in an election year are for political reasons, did you get your stimulus check?

3) Are people being too tough on her?
Answer: Yes, but the left would go crazy no matter who he selected.

4) Is her inexperience equivalent to Obama's?
Answer: No. She served as Governor of Alaska for 2 years which includes Commander in Chief of the Alaskan National Guard. That’s more leadership than Obama, Biden, and McCain combined. Senators negotiate and compromise, executives lead.

5) Would you be comfortable with her as President?
Answer: a heartbeat.

6) Who is going to win the election in November? Do
you care?
Answer: The democrats will be the real winners because they will have succeeded in getting rid of Bush, something they have been trying to do since 2000.

7) Do you think having Sarah Palin as VP will sway a lot of Hillary Clinton supporters to vote McCain?
Answer: I think Palin as VP will sway some Hillary voters, but it is likely to sway more Republicans to vote for McCain.


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