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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Trouble at Wal-Mart

Shopping at Wal-Mart today for some back-to-school supplies for my 6 year old daughter. Virginia is running a tax holiday this weekend so the place was packed. After we checked out, we headed out the door and passed the greeter/bag checker on the way out, my daughter told me we forgot to get the little stickers they give out.

Okay, so I went back, but the lady was busy checking someone’s cart, and there was line forming behind her. I saw the stickers on a roll hanging on the wall, so I peeled off a few and headed out the door. When we got in the car we had the following exchange…

“Daughter: Why did you steal those?”

Me: I didn’t steal them….they are free.

Daughter: Was there a sign that said they were free?

Me: No, but they give them away to people.

Daughter: You should of said “excuse me maam…”

Me: Well, I didn’t want to wait.

Daughter: You shouldn’t steal them.

Me: I didn’t steal them, but if the police come to our house, I will tell them that you have the stickers.

Daughter: Well, I’ll just tell them to go check the video camera.

She is six years old and she outsmarted me!