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Friday, June 13, 2008

So Close

A third way into the WSOP Main Event through PokerStars is by playing in their $370 ME Qualifer on June 15th where at least 200 ME Packages are up for grabs.

I played in an $80 satelite for this tournament yesterday and came so close. 27 players with 5 seats to $370 ME Qualifer, 6th place gets their $80 back. We are down to 6 trying to bust that last player, the short stack pushes with 10-8 on the button, I call with KK. I'm in I think. flop has an 8, turn is an 8 and river is a 10. Okay, I am cut in half but still alive. Next hand I am SB and have AQ, I raise for half my chips again and the BB pushes. I call and am up against 33. Well I hit an Ace on the flop but he hit a 3 and another 3 on the river. So close.

I will try again tomorrow.


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