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Thursday, June 26, 2008

In Vegas for the WSOP

Arrived in Vegas tonight to play in WSOP Event #48 tomorrow, a $2000 buy-in NL Holdem tournament at the Rio. My flight was delayed out of DC, but made it to Denver in plenty of time to catch the second leg to Sin City.

Checked in to my comped room at the Luxor and headed out to the Rio to check out the action. I was able to snap a shot of Doyle Brunson playing in the $50,000 HORSE Championship.

Stoped by the Media Press Box to say hello to Dr. Pauly. He's got the best coverage of the series on the web I would say.

I bought in to Event #48 and then headed back to the Luxor to prepare for tomorrow.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Set Over Set...That's all She Wrote.

Friday, June 13, 2008

So Close

A third way into the WSOP Main Event through PokerStars is by playing in their $370 ME Qualifer on June 15th where at least 200 ME Packages are up for grabs.

I played in an $80 satelite for this tournament yesterday and came so close. 27 players with 5 seats to $370 ME Qualifer, 6th place gets their $80 back. We are down to 6 trying to bust that last player, the short stack pushes with 10-8 on the button, I call with KK. I'm in I think. flop has an 8, turn is an 8 and river is a 10. Okay, I am cut in half but still alive. Next hand I am SB and have AQ, I raise for half my chips again and the BB pushes. I call and am up against 33. Well I hit an Ace on the flop but he hit a 3 and another 3 on the river. So close.

I will try again tomorrow.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Team Moneymaker Qualifer

A second way to a WSOP Main Event seat from PokerStars is the Team Moneymaker promotion.

From the PokerStars website: "All you have to do is take part in our twice-daily Team Moneymaker $39 tournaments. If you finish high enough, (depending on how many people enter) you’ll be awarded a ticket to the Team Moneymaker Final. Finish in the top 15 of the Final and you’re in The Team!"

I played in one of these today with 139 runners, playing for 23 seats to the Moneymaker Final, and I made it into the top 23 and won a seat in the Moneymaker Final to be played June 15th. Currently there are over 500 others that have qualified and probably will be a thousand more by the time it starts.

The Moneymaker Final will give away 15 seats to the WSOP Main Event valued at $12,500 each...wish me luck.

Playing for a WSOP Main Event Seat

PokerStars is running a number of promotions offering players a chance to win a seat in the WSOP Main Event. Along with the $50 SNG's, I have been feverishly playing these satelites to earn a seat.

Once a week you can play in a Freeroll Donkfest where they give away 50 seats to a Main Event Qualifer. There are dozens of ME Qualifers to choose from on the weekend ranging from 1 to 4 ME seats.

I won one of these satelites last week and played with 2322 others in the ME Qualfer today with 3 WSOP ME seats up for grabs. I doubled up on the first hand when my AA held up against K-10 on a 10 high board. I lasted through the first two breaks but ultimately, short on chips, lost out when my JJ ran up against QQ. I finished 376.

I have been going deep in large field MTT's lately, finishing in the top 50 out of 3572 to qualify, and recently finishing 45th out of 5064 in an FPP Freeroll for cash.