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Friday, February 02, 2007

Now Comedy

Now that I am settled into my new house, I got the Friday night home going again. 21 players showed up Friday night to battle for leaderboard points. Well that’s what I tell them, there really here for the money. We have raised the buy-in this year to $50, so we had over $1000 in the pot tonight.

A few people who have not played with us for about a year, so it was good to see them again. SB in particular used to play every week; he has since gotten married and has a baby now. I asked him how old his daughter is; he said I dunno, 17 or 18 months. I chuckled, you don’t know the age of your daughter? Now embarrassed, he says I’m a guy. I have a penis. I can’t count. I said, well, if you have a penis you should at least be able to count to 11.

Kathrine chimes in… "I don’t get it".

Devin was new to our game. Didn’t have much luck in the tournament, he was the first one out. But he found his groove in the cash game collecting over $200 in chips in a 50 cent/$1 NL cash game. Devin came to the game with a group of friends. He almost didn’t make it when they stopped at the 7-Eleven to get some beer. His friend backed the truck into a different parking spot while they waited for him. Devin came out and hoped into the truck that has taken the spot. He says he knew right away, because this was a nicer truck. He just sat there as the seconds ticked away. The driver, a stranger says whats up dude? Devin says nice truck. The people in the back seat are cracking up. After a while Devin says well I guess I will go find my truck. Frickin hilarious.


Blogger Vile Cad said...

Wow...Kathrine is HOT. Who is she? No wonder you got a divorce!! Man Obie, you have all the hot babes hanging out with you!

You're my hero, I want to visit China (just like you) some day.

Vile Cad

10:22 AM


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