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Friday, February 09, 2007

I can dodge bullets…baby…and pocket Kings

The regular Friday night poker tournament is back in full swing. We played again tonight at Deneens house. She has a great house, really large with lots of room. Deneen always puts out some great food for everyone. Either pizzas or burgers, or sometimes she will make obie dip. Tonight was no exception; she had a great spread laid out for us.

We start with 5000 in chips and I was up about 1000 when things started to go south. Robbie was to my right and got pocket kings in back to back hands. Blinds were 50/100 and he raised to 300 each time and showed his kings each time when no one called. The very next hand I get 10-10 and raise to 300. Robbie calls. Flop is 10-2-2 so I flop a full house and of course I am slow playing it. Turn is an Ace, and I am hoping it hit him so I still slow play but there is no action. River is a Jack, I bet 200 just to try to get a little something. Robbie raises to 600. Times past I would push right here, but I learned my lesson recently in Atlantic City, so I just call. He flips over pocket Jacks for a better full house than me.

A little later I am down to about 1600 in chips. I get A-9 suited and throw out a 600 dollar bet to an un-raised pot. Katie calls and I think up-ohh. Katie is known as a tight player and anytime she is in the hand…she usually has the nuts. John S. is next to act and he pushed all in for about 5500. Wow. A smooth call and then a raise all in. I know I am beat and instead of taking the pot odds or rationalizing that I am pot committed and trying to get lucky, discipline kicks in and I fold. Katie calls him and flips over AA. John is holding KK. The flop comes with a King and Katie is eliminated.

I don’t think pot odds really apply to tournaments unless you are the chip leader, or the chip leader of all those in the hand. Pot odds means that you find a situation where you may win the hand 1 in 4 times, but there are enough chips in the pot the time you win, to more than make up for the 3 times you lose the hand. This is a cash game phenomenon.

In a tournament, unless you have the most chips, you really don’t have pot odds to call and put yourself all in, because if you don’t win the hand, you’re out. Tournament is over. You never get to play the other 3 times when the odds say you will win at least 1.

So after the hand….in my best Helmuth impression, I stand up and say: “I can dodge bullets…baby…and pocket Kings.”


Blogger V said...

Did you played for fun or with buy in ? I had never tryed to [lay poker in real :/ heh I need to buy poker chp set and beer for my friends.

3:44 PM


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