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Monday, January 01, 2007

A Dangerous Wheel

I was invited over to my friend Deneen’s house for New Years Day. She was having an open house, with folks coming and going all day. Deneen is a regular in the V-Vegas circuit around Fredericksburg, and has hosted many of my tournaments while I transition to the new house.

Since people were coming and going, we only played a cash game to accommodate the constant flux of players. I was starting the new year off pretty well, tripled up from my original buy-in, causing Deneen to re-buy twice. Then the following hand:

I am dealt A5 off suit and call an un-raised pot. The flop is 2 – 4 – K rainbow, Deneen bets the minimum and gets two callers, including me on the gut-shot wheel draw. Turn is a 2 and everyone checks around. River is the money card for me, a 3, I hit my straight.

Deneen bets the pot and I double it with a raise. She pushes all-in and I of course call. Before I can scrap the pot, Deneen turns over pocket two’s for Quad two’s….ouch!

Dem’s QUADS Beeitches!!!

Oh, well I was back down to my original buy in and she had most of the chips.
So much for starting the new year off on a winning note.


Blogger Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

That hurt so bad it tickled.

12:55 AM

Blogger mookie99 said...

Thanks for playing The Mookie last night.

6:12 PM


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