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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas in Vegas

View of the Las Vegas strip from the top of the Stratosphere Hotel & casino

For years, I had promised my oldest son, Aaron, I would take him to Vegas to celebrate his 21st birthday. December 22nd of this year was the day so I met him and his girlfriend, Melanie, in Vegas, to show them a good time, and teach them how to roll like a VIP.

The goal this trip was to see some shows and have some fun, with a little gambling and poker mixed in, not the usual hedonistic debauchery we usually that for the next blogger weekend.

I put a dollar into a quarter slot machine at the airport, and began to teach Aaron how to gamble. What a valuable lesson to learn at this young age.

We all arrived Friday afternoon and made it to the hotel, VIP check in and comped rooms at the Stratosphere this time. The room was on the 8th floor and had no view, but hey...we didn't plan to spend much time there anyway.

Insanity, the ride on top of The Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

We spent the first evening on top of the Stratosphere tower. They rode all the rides, including the newest one...Insanity. That one is named correctly. I saw several people visible shaken as they got off that ride. it dangles you 110 stories in the air and spins you around like a top. I would imagine there is a huge pile of hurl growing directly below it. Beware.

The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage.

Saturday night we had tickets to The Beatles LOVE at The Mirage. If you like The Beatles, and even if you don't, LOVE is a great show. The songs come to life and kind of followed a story. The Circue du Soleil performers are incredible. There is so much happening; I was immersed in the performance.

Aaron & Melanie with Blue Man Group at The Venetian.

Afterwards we headed accross the street to The Venetian to see Blue Man Group. They have added a few new twists but basically it is the same show that ran at The Luxor. Aaron and Melanie absolutely loved it. The twinkie scene had them rolling on the floor.

After the shows each night, I did get a little poker in, I played in the Sahara 11PM tournament each night and got eliminated promptly after the first break each night. Also I bought in late to the Stratosphere midnight tournament each night and proceeded to win it each night. It was like ground hog day. I like the new structure of the Stratosphere tournaments, 4000 in chips, 20 minute rounds, no ante's, and plenty of bad players.

We had one of those cariture drawings made to commemorate the trip.

Jingle tard.

Merry Christmas on the Red-Eye back.


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