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Monday, October 09, 2006

Vegas Baby...Without My Baby

As you can imagine, it has been a hard time since the accident that took Alex from us. My family continues to struggle through life without him. But I know we must continue to live. Continue to eat, sleep, laugh, play, and of course cry from time to time,

I have been out of touch with the poker world since it happened; only playing a couple times including his charity fund raiser, where we raised $1200 for his memorial fund at his school.

I had a spur-of-the-moment chance to get away for a weekend in Vegas and I took the opportunity to get back in the poker game.
I landed in Vegas on Thursday night and checked in to the MGM Grand, two nights comped and two nights at the casino rate, I am a VIP after all. I then headed over to the Sahara for their 11PM $62 Donk Fest.

I have said before, I love the Sahara tournaments; I made the final table and finished 4th out of 89 players for $258 profit. Nice way to get welcomed to Vegas. The next morning I played in the 11AM tourney and finished 7th to clear $108. Since I seemed to be on a roll, I played the next one and finished first for $841.

With my new found money, I decided to buy an entry into the Festa Al Lago $1500 NL Texas Hold’Em event at the Bellagio. This is the highest entry fee I have ever paid, and I expected the competition to be much better then the level I am used to playing. They were, several of the players at my table make their living playing poker. I played tight and got lucky once when I spiked a King on the turn, KK vs AA. I got short stacked after a bluff that I had to abandon, and finally got knocked out 90th. Top 27 out of 356 got paid with first place over $200,000. Oh well, at least I know I can play with the big boys.

The next day I played the afternoon tournament at the Venetian and chopped for first, taking $720. I also took first in a small one at the Monte Carlo for $400.

Over the 3 day Columbus Day weekend, I played in 10 tournaments, made the final table 7 times, cashed 5 times, and took first 3 times. I won about $2300 overall including Craps, and would have been close to $4000 if I didn’t play in that Bellagio event. I’d say it was a successful trip.