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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Fredericksburg Poker Tour Tournament of Champions

Saturday afternoon was the Tournament of Champions (ToC) for the Fredericksburg Poker Tour (FPT).  The FPT is a series of weekly No Limit Texas Hold’em poker tournaments in the town with some of the best players from the area.  A percentage of the pot each week is set aside to pay for a seat in the 2006 WSOP Main Event.  The winner of the Tournament of Champions gets it.


You can’t buy a seat in the ToC, you have to win one of the weekly FPT events, plus you have to play in at least 7 of them through out the year. 


Thirty-three people qualified including myself.  The organizers of the FPT tried to structure the ToC to mimic the Main Event.  Blind structure and starting chips were the same but the rounds were 45 minutes instead of ninety.  But, it was a nice deep stack tourney with lots of players that can play.


I played really tight, knowing that you can’t win it in the first round…..but you can sure lose it.  Johnny World found that out the hard way.  Nobody wanted to be the first one out, but when he pushed with T$7100 with pocket aces, a look of fear came over him as Ben called him with 5-6 of diamonds.  Rocket busters he mumbled before he dealt the board that included a 5 and a 6.


I hit a gut-shot straight on the turn with J-10, Mike D pushed and I called him instantly to double up.  Had to fold A-Q to a raise and a re-raise that would of put me all in.  Raiser had pocket 7’s and re-raiser had pocket jacks.  Everyone folded so we never saw the flop. 


Made it to the final table….that was pretty kool, I said…”one of us is going to play in the Main Event this year.”  I doubled up with pocket aces and had about T$25,000 of the T$330,000 chips in play.  Burns, the chip leader has about T$80,000 until I game him all mine when A-J didn’t improve against his pocket kings.  I finished sixth.








Sunday, April 02, 2006

WPBT Satellite for WSOP Event

Iggy has set up another WPBT Satellite for a $1500 WSOP Event

Excerpt below from Guinness and Poker
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