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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Bloggers Arrive in Las Vegas

I arrived in Las Vegas Thursday evening and headed over to the MGM Grand......where all the bloggers were coagulating. I bought in to the $3-$6 NL Game and sat next to Iggy. I told him that he has probably cost the Government about $60,000 worth of workplace productivity this year as I have spent half my time reading his blog. The ManBeast and Spaulding stories are outragous. I played for an hour or so, catching several hands and found myslef up about $80.

Iggy had to leave to pick up Dr Pauly & Derek at the airport, and I cashed out soon after he left and headed for the Excalibur for Storming of the Castle. I bought in to the $1/$2 NL Hold Em table for $200. Joe Speaker, Bad Blood, Mark, and several other bloggers were at this table. Bad Blood and Mark were playing super aggressive. A local was getting wiped out by them and had to re-buy at least once.

Pauly arrived like a rock star with his entourage and the buzz around the table from the non-bloggers was....Is he a movie star? Seriously, someone asked that. Lost my buy-in when I pushed on the turn with a king high diamond flush, only to have another diamond hit on the river giving him the Ace high flush.

Bought in to the $2/$6 Blogger table with Pauly, Derek, Gracie, and others. Donked off my $100 buy in after playing only 3 hands, TPTK loses to Gracie's set of 5's, then 99 loses to Derek's AA, then my QQ loses to KK. I was down about $265 at this point.....but it would be the last time I would loose any money the rest of the weekend.


Blogger Ignatious said...

heya obie - had fun sitting and slinging chips with you. i feel alot better about flying now and i certainly owe you for that. :)

9:34 PM

Blogger Obie said...

You'll feel even better to know that the FAA handbook on password management now has a new example...

Passwords should be easy to remember, but difficult for others to guess..... The best passwords are “made-up” phrases that are created from two or more words such as bonuscodeiggy.

4:25 PM

Blogger Maudie said...

It was good to see you again, Obie!


7:59 PM


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