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Saturday, December 10, 2005

2005 WPBT Winter Classic

It’s Showtime!!!

Today we are here in Vegas to play in the 2005 WPBT Winter Classic, hosted at the Imperial Palace poker room. Just over 100 bloggers from all across North America will converge to play in this event.

The event was kicked off by our host Bill Rini, who had arranged for several professional poker players and poker book authors to address the players. Barry Greenstein gave a great talk about his 2005 WSOP bracelet win and how Charlie Tuttle had inspired him. Author Michael Craig talked about his new book The Banker, The Professor, and the Suicide King, which is about the biggest game in town.

Just before the tournament began we drew tables, I was seated at Wil Wheaton’s table. He played pretty tight, as did I. I tried to trap Laurie from Full Tilt Poker with AQ when she had AK when I hit two pair on the flop. She felt something was fishy and folded, she told me she never does that.

My table was near the rail, and I figured it would be the final table once we got down far enough. Other tables would break-up and we received a constant flow of new players, hour after hour. Amazingly the 5 players on my end of the table remained….even though the other end of the table turned over several times.

I was nearly eliminated by Boy Genius on the last hand before a break. Players were anxious to get away for a smoke or break and were leaving the table even before it was their turn to fold. There were 3 or 4 players after me so I pushed all-in with J-8 of clubs hoping to steal the blinds and then go on break. I was behind when BG called with A-3 off-suit. The flop was 3 clubs and BG was out the door before I even got to say a word.

After that I went on a pretty good run until we got to the final table. Except for Studio Glyphic, we were all about even in chips. I went all in with pocket tens, but got no callers. The second time around I’m under the gun with 7-2 off-suit. Huge crowd of people watching, it seemed like the timing was right, I pushed all-in with the hammer. When Cujo called…I figured I was behind…..since any 2 cards he might have are better than 7-2 off-suit. When I flipped over my cards, the crowd roared, but I was right, he had pocket 10’s and they held up. I was eliminated in 6th place….again.

I won about $370, but probably cost myself about $1000 with the hammer, oh well it was a Grande Bloggers Tournament. Studio Glyph hung on to win against SheVerb heads up.


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