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Monday, November 14, 2005

Sit-N-Go Money-Maker

Played in another $20 +$2 180 Player Sit-N-Go.

Worked my way up to a decent stack as we approached the final 18 which would be "In The Money". Took a bad beat and lost most of my chips when my pocket Aces ran into runner runner flush. I was getting blinded down to just over $800 chips with blinds at $300/$600 with 26 players left. I doubled up with pocket 5's. Doubled up again with A-K when I flopped a King and was setting pretty good with around $3000 chips as we broached the bubble.

Kept increasing my stack as more prople got eliminated, I found myself with about $20,000 when we reached the final table. After eliminating a couple more I was the chip leader and really never lost the lead for the rest of the tourney.

I have played 10 of these 180 player Sit-N-Go's and finished in the money 4 times, including 2 first place finishes. Gotta like that.

Two 1st place finishes out of 10 tournaments played

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Poker Stars Big Money Sit-n-Go

Poker Stars is now offering $20 + $2, 180-player Sit-n-Go’s around the clock. These take about 4 hours to play, and offer a nice payout schedule for the final 18 giving $1080 for first place.

Another big money Sit-n-Go in the books

I played in one Sunday night. I pretty much folded every hand for the first hour and then doubled up just before the first break for about $2600. Started getting better hands during the second hour and worked my stack up to over $20,000. Played really tight through the third hour until we got down to 18 and I was assured to be “In the Money”.

My goal was to finish at least 6th which would be a nice payout of $180. Once we got down to six, my new goal was to make it third which paid out $418. With three players left I was delt King-Deuce suited on the button and raised for a steal. BB raised me all in which about doubled my bet, since I had plenty of chips I called and hit it big.

Quad Kings....perfect timing

Heads-up play only lasted a few hands when I hit a Jack holding K-J off suit against pocket 7’s. Ship ‘em and book another $1,000 win.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Aces Cracked

Too bad it wasn't in a Dr. Pauly Hilton Sisters Challenge.
It would pay double.

Its nice to be on the giving end of one of these for a change