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Friday, October 14, 2005

Obie Friday Night Poker Tournament

We had a great turnout for our weekly Friday Night Poker Tournament, 22 players spread over 3 tables. We have had an influx of new players thanks to our advertisements on Skill level varies in these tournaments, but with re-buys available for the first three rounds, you can afford to play loose…..if you can afford to that is.

I played with an average stack, growing it slowly throughout the night, staying out of trouble after the re-buy period ended. Made it to the final table without any remarkable plays. There were two huge stacks at the final table and I managed to double up through each of them. One of them had announced that they were ready to drop out because the cash game was heating up and it was looking juicy. He made a big bet and I pushed all-in with A-3 clubs. I really figured he was dumping chips because he is an excellent cash game player and had expressed an interest in getting in it. He called and had me dominated with A-J off-suit. Two clubs on the flop and one on the river sent him packing to the cash game.

I found myself the chip leader with three left. I raised 3x BB with K-9 suited, Katie pushes all in and DJ quickly calls…..I think for a while and fold. Katie turns over pocket Queens, DJ has pocket Kings. They hold up and DJ is now the chip leader and we are heads-up. We exchanged blinds back and forth for a while, I raise with a pocket pair, DJ goes all in and turns over pocket 7’s, I turn over pocket Aces. I doubled up and am now the chip leader and went on the win the Friday night poker tournament. First place was $480, and I’ve won two tournaments this weekend. Check out the latest leaderboard.


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