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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Hat Trick

Playing for the hat trick this weekend, I played in a third poker tournament. This one was at Doc’s house. Doc runs a $100 buy in with no re-buys. It’s a pretty popular tournament, and this was my first time playing at Doc’s. I usually play with the FPT group on Saturday night, but they were directing all their players to Doc’s.

56 people spread over 7 poker tables in Doc’s basement. We started with 5000 in chips and the blinds went up pretty steep, but we had 40 minute rounds so plenty of time to play at each level.

I was down to about 2500 when I tripled up with pocket kings. A little later I had A-8 of diamonds. I limped in and hit top pair on a board that was 8 high with two diamonds. Early position led out with a $1200 bet, I raised all-in with TPTK, and the nut flush draw. He thought for a long time, even mumbled something about me being on a flush draw and then called with pocket tens. Turn card was Queen of Diamonds and I made my flush and doubled up nicely.

Now that I had some chips, I was able to push them around and get people to fold their hands. We got down to two tables and I was thinking, let’s get in the money. Doc pays out 9 places so I could play tight and wait it out till we made the money.

Once I was in the money, I began to play a little more, one hand I had A-8, off-suit, both red, flop comes A-8-9 with two spades. I check, LP bets 3000, I check-raise to 6000, he calls. Turn is 10 spades, I check, he bets 6000, I check-raise to 12,000. He goes in to the tank and thinks a long long time. I never look at him, I stare at the board….after what seemed like 7 or 8 minutes he mucks JQ. Whew, he put me on the flush, and even though he made his straight, he didn’t have a spade so he mucked.

I was chip leader by the time we got down to three players. Blinds were 5000/10000 and I was playing tight. Each hand one of the shorter stacks would push all-in and I would fold. I did this about 5 or 6 times and I was no longer the chip leader. Once again, I get A-8 and call the new chip leaders all-in. He has King high, my Ace hold up and now I have most of the chips on the table.

After I am heads up, I have A-3 against his A-6, luckily, lots of high cards hit the board so we chop instead of allowing him to double up. He kept going all-in and I kept folding til I got A-8 again, I called, he had 7-4 and I took him out. I played in my third tournament this weekend, and I finished first for the third time. I made the hat-trick. First place was over $2000 which made this my best win at poker.


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