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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Fate of Evil Jesus

So Saturday night, Jim is hosting a poker tournament at his house, but instead of the normal $20 or $30 buy in, Jim has made this on $300 Buy in to limit the number of fishy players. With my recent success in the Fredericksburg tournament circuit, I can easily afford to play. His game doesn’t start til 8:00 PM, so I figure I will kill some time online and sign up for a $20 tournament on Poker Stars.

We start at 1:30 PM and I manage to work my chip stack up to just over $2000 when I am dealt A-K of diamonds. I raise, someone pushes, it’s not that much more so I call. He turns over Q-Q and it holds up. Woops, I am now significantly short stacked with only $760 in chips. A couple hands later I am up against another short stack with 10-J suited against pocket 9’s. I lose again and am now down to $340.

I am in the SB with 7-4 hearts, I call the $10 to see a flop which comes 2-5-3 rainbow giving me an open ended straight draw. Everyone checks, the turn is a Queen, he bets I call. The river is an Ace completing my straight. I push my last $180 in and he calls, I double up to $820.

I double up again to $1685 when I spiked an Ace on the river to beat pocket Kings. A little later I triple up to $3615 with pocket 3’s on a board of 2-4-5-8-6. I beat pocket 4’s and pocket 9’s in that hand. Lucky….yes!

Now that I have some chips, I raise with J-9 suited and get 1 caller. Flop comes 7-5-J with none in my suit. I bet $150, Evil Jesus raises to $300, I re-raise to $1200 and he pushes all-in with another $1500 and I call. He turns over 9-7 off suit. C’mon, he called my pre-flop raise, re-raised me with second pair then pushed all-in after I re-raised his re-raise…with 9-7 off suit. I thought I played it pretty aggressive, but he railed on me for what a terrible player I am. Telling me I would never make it in the money. He challenged me to a heads-up game for $200 but then disappeared spouting off something about he doubted I even had that much in my Poker Stars bankroll. I said “so long 9-7”.

So thanks to Evil Jesus I now have over $7500 in chips and have the chip lead at my table by a 5-1 margin. For the next hour I oscillate between $6000 and $10,000 when I push all-in with pocket Jacks and get called by pocket 8’s. My Jacks hold up and I double up to $16,820. I improved to $23,000 with A-10 on an Ace high flop, then I get the big hand.

Blinds are $400/$800 and I am in the BB with AK off suit. The button pushes all-in for $4000, I raise to $8000 and draw another all-in for $7800. They each have A-Q off suite and my beautiful Anna Kounrakova wins the pot and I now have $39,736. I am also the tournament chip leader with about 250 people left. Top 81 are paid.

And, Evil Jesus said I wouldn’t last another hour….Ha!

I worked my stack up the over $48,000 but then lost about 1/3 of it when my pocket Jacks lost to A-Q off suite when a Queen hit on the turn. I won it back a few hands later when my A-Q beat pocket 4’s when I turned an Ace and rivered another one. Less than 81 left, so I am “In the Money”….where is Evil Jesus?

I moved up the over $65,000 when I got consecutive hands of A-10 and A-K and hit an Ace both times. I hit $100,000 when pocket 9’s held up against pocket 6’s. We had a power bump and lost internet connectivity for a few minutes. I got blinded down to $91,000 by the time I got back online and dropped down $72,000 before I inched my way back up to the $100,000 threshold.

Pocket Queens got me up to $124, 964. K-Q off suit and Pocket 9’s back to back made it $146,564. Played 8-4 off suite in the BB and hit an 8 and a 4 on the flop. By the time I got to the final table I was in second place with $164,564. Crossed over $200,000 when I hit a 7 high flop with K-7.

I bet $60,000 with A-Q off suite and had to lay it down to an all-in raise of over $160,000. I would have survived if I had called and lost, but I would have been short stacked. Better to lay it down, never saw what he had, probably KK or AA. That knocked me back down to around $160,000. I lost another $60,000 with AJ versus AK, which dropped me down to just over $100,000.

A-K suited and pocket 10’s brought me back up to $148,009. I pop it up to $270,418 when my A-8 suited hits on the flop and someone calls me with pocket 7’s.

Final Results from the October 22nd $20 NL Hold'Em Tourney

I hit $300,000 with 8 people left. I am hoping to get at least 5th which pays out over $1000. When we got down to the final 5 I was 4th in chips with $206,910. Since I made my goal, maybe I should aim a little higher….like 3rd which pays out over $1600. When we got down to three, I was second in chips with $383,410.

I eliminated the smaller stack when my A-J out flopped his pocket 6’s, that gave me the chip lead with $921,820, and began our heads-up play. I doubled him up once when his pocket 3’s held up against my A-10, a few hands later I eliminated him with pocket 3’s against his A-10. Six and a half hours after I began this little “time-killer” I had all the chips, $1,398,000 of ‘em and first place money of $4660.

Even Evil Jesus would be proud; hey I’m ready for our heads-up match.


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