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Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Fate of Evil Jesus

So Saturday night, Jim is hosting a poker tournament at his house, but instead of the normal $20 or $30 buy in, Jim has made this on $300 Buy in to limit the number of fishy players. With my recent success in the Fredericksburg tournament circuit, I can easily afford to play. His game doesn’t start til 8:00 PM, so I figure I will kill some time online and sign up for a $20 tournament on Poker Stars.

We start at 1:30 PM and I manage to work my chip stack up to just over $2000 when I am dealt A-K of diamonds. I raise, someone pushes, it’s not that much more so I call. He turns over Q-Q and it holds up. Woops, I am now significantly short stacked with only $760 in chips. A couple hands later I am up against another short stack with 10-J suited against pocket 9’s. I lose again and am now down to $340.

I am in the SB with 7-4 hearts, I call the $10 to see a flop which comes 2-5-3 rainbow giving me an open ended straight draw. Everyone checks, the turn is a Queen, he bets I call. The river is an Ace completing my straight. I push my last $180 in and he calls, I double up to $820.

I double up again to $1685 when I spiked an Ace on the river to beat pocket Kings. A little later I triple up to $3615 with pocket 3’s on a board of 2-4-5-8-6. I beat pocket 4’s and pocket 9’s in that hand. Lucky….yes!

Now that I have some chips, I raise with J-9 suited and get 1 caller. Flop comes 7-5-J with none in my suit. I bet $150, Evil Jesus raises to $300, I re-raise to $1200 and he pushes all-in with another $1500 and I call. He turns over 9-7 off suit. C’mon, he called my pre-flop raise, re-raised me with second pair then pushed all-in after I re-raised his re-raise…with 9-7 off suit. I thought I played it pretty aggressive, but he railed on me for what a terrible player I am. Telling me I would never make it in the money. He challenged me to a heads-up game for $200 but then disappeared spouting off something about he doubted I even had that much in my Poker Stars bankroll. I said “so long 9-7”.

So thanks to Evil Jesus I now have over $7500 in chips and have the chip lead at my table by a 5-1 margin. For the next hour I oscillate between $6000 and $10,000 when I push all-in with pocket Jacks and get called by pocket 8’s. My Jacks hold up and I double up to $16,820. I improved to $23,000 with A-10 on an Ace high flop, then I get the big hand.

Blinds are $400/$800 and I am in the BB with AK off suit. The button pushes all-in for $4000, I raise to $8000 and draw another all-in for $7800. They each have A-Q off suite and my beautiful Anna Kounrakova wins the pot and I now have $39,736. I am also the tournament chip leader with about 250 people left. Top 81 are paid.

And, Evil Jesus said I wouldn’t last another hour….Ha!

I worked my stack up the over $48,000 but then lost about 1/3 of it when my pocket Jacks lost to A-Q off suite when a Queen hit on the turn. I won it back a few hands later when my A-Q beat pocket 4’s when I turned an Ace and rivered another one. Less than 81 left, so I am “In the Money”….where is Evil Jesus?

I moved up the over $65,000 when I got consecutive hands of A-10 and A-K and hit an Ace both times. I hit $100,000 when pocket 9’s held up against pocket 6’s. We had a power bump and lost internet connectivity for a few minutes. I got blinded down to $91,000 by the time I got back online and dropped down $72,000 before I inched my way back up to the $100,000 threshold.

Pocket Queens got me up to $124, 964. K-Q off suit and Pocket 9’s back to back made it $146,564. Played 8-4 off suite in the BB and hit an 8 and a 4 on the flop. By the time I got to the final table I was in second place with $164,564. Crossed over $200,000 when I hit a 7 high flop with K-7.

I bet $60,000 with A-Q off suite and had to lay it down to an all-in raise of over $160,000. I would have survived if I had called and lost, but I would have been short stacked. Better to lay it down, never saw what he had, probably KK or AA. That knocked me back down to around $160,000. I lost another $60,000 with AJ versus AK, which dropped me down to just over $100,000.

A-K suited and pocket 10’s brought me back up to $148,009. I pop it up to $270,418 when my A-8 suited hits on the flop and someone calls me with pocket 7’s.

Final Results from the October 22nd $20 NL Hold'Em Tourney

I hit $300,000 with 8 people left. I am hoping to get at least 5th which pays out over $1000. When we got down to the final 5 I was 4th in chips with $206,910. Since I made my goal, maybe I should aim a little higher….like 3rd which pays out over $1600. When we got down to three, I was second in chips with $383,410.

I eliminated the smaller stack when my A-J out flopped his pocket 6’s, that gave me the chip lead with $921,820, and began our heads-up play. I doubled him up once when his pocket 3’s held up against my A-10, a few hands later I eliminated him with pocket 3’s against his A-10. Six and a half hours after I began this little “time-killer” I had all the chips, $1,398,000 of ‘em and first place money of $4660.

Even Evil Jesus would be proud; hey I’m ready for our heads-up match.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Hat Trick

Playing for the hat trick this weekend, I played in a third poker tournament. This one was at Doc’s house. Doc runs a $100 buy in with no re-buys. It’s a pretty popular tournament, and this was my first time playing at Doc’s. I usually play with the FPT group on Saturday night, but they were directing all their players to Doc’s.

56 people spread over 7 poker tables in Doc’s basement. We started with 5000 in chips and the blinds went up pretty steep, but we had 40 minute rounds so plenty of time to play at each level.

I was down to about 2500 when I tripled up with pocket kings. A little later I had A-8 of diamonds. I limped in and hit top pair on a board that was 8 high with two diamonds. Early position led out with a $1200 bet, I raised all-in with TPTK, and the nut flush draw. He thought for a long time, even mumbled something about me being on a flush draw and then called with pocket tens. Turn card was Queen of Diamonds and I made my flush and doubled up nicely.

Now that I had some chips, I was able to push them around and get people to fold their hands. We got down to two tables and I was thinking, let’s get in the money. Doc pays out 9 places so I could play tight and wait it out till we made the money.

Once I was in the money, I began to play a little more, one hand I had A-8, off-suit, both red, flop comes A-8-9 with two spades. I check, LP bets 3000, I check-raise to 6000, he calls. Turn is 10 spades, I check, he bets 6000, I check-raise to 12,000. He goes in to the tank and thinks a long long time. I never look at him, I stare at the board….after what seemed like 7 or 8 minutes he mucks JQ. Whew, he put me on the flush, and even though he made his straight, he didn’t have a spade so he mucked.

I was chip leader by the time we got down to three players. Blinds were 5000/10000 and I was playing tight. Each hand one of the shorter stacks would push all-in and I would fold. I did this about 5 or 6 times and I was no longer the chip leader. Once again, I get A-8 and call the new chip leaders all-in. He has King high, my Ace hold up and now I have most of the chips on the table.

After I am heads up, I have A-3 against his A-6, luckily, lots of high cards hit the board so we chop instead of allowing him to double up. He kept going all-in and I kept folding til I got A-8 again, I called, he had 7-4 and I took him out. I played in my third tournament this weekend, and I finished first for the third time. I made the hat-trick. First place was over $2000 which made this my best win at poker.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Obie Friday Night Poker Tournament

We had a great turnout for our weekly Friday Night Poker Tournament, 22 players spread over 3 tables. We have had an influx of new players thanks to our advertisements on Skill level varies in these tournaments, but with re-buys available for the first three rounds, you can afford to play loose…..if you can afford to that is.

I played with an average stack, growing it slowly throughout the night, staying out of trouble after the re-buy period ended. Made it to the final table without any remarkable plays. There were two huge stacks at the final table and I managed to double up through each of them. One of them had announced that they were ready to drop out because the cash game was heating up and it was looking juicy. He made a big bet and I pushed all-in with A-3 clubs. I really figured he was dumping chips because he is an excellent cash game player and had expressed an interest in getting in it. He called and had me dominated with A-J off-suit. Two clubs on the flop and one on the river sent him packing to the cash game.

I found myself the chip leader with three left. I raised 3x BB with K-9 suited, Katie pushes all in and DJ quickly calls…..I think for a while and fold. Katie turns over pocket Queens, DJ has pocket Kings. They hold up and DJ is now the chip leader and we are heads-up. We exchanged blinds back and forth for a while, I raise with a pocket pair, DJ goes all in and turns over pocket 7’s, I turn over pocket Aces. I doubled up and am now the chip leader and went on the win the Friday night poker tournament. First place was $480, and I’ve won two tournaments this weekend. Check out the latest leaderboard.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Bar-Room Free-Roll Bingo-Poker

Played in the Hard Times Café free roll tournament tonight. The Hard Times Café is a little bar/restaurant/pool hall in town. It’s actually a pretty nice place, not at all run down or creepy. Fredericksburg is a college town for Mary Washington University, and a lot of the players were from the university. So it’s Bingo Poker at its best. Any face card would warrant an all-in by some people. Trick was to figure out who those players were and wait for a good hand to engage them.

About 6 tables started, we got down to three tables and I found the hammer as the small blind. With one limper, I called and the big blind checked. Flop was 7-7-Q and I had people betting in to me. Turn was the case 7, still betting in to me I pushed after the river and got called by A-Q. I announced “The Hammer” as I showed it, that should teach ‘em not to limp in.

As we got down to two tables, the quality of players was improving. I limped in with 6-7 clubs hoping to connect on the flop. It came 10-7-3 with two diamonds, he bet I called. Turn was another 10, he checked I checked. River was the 7 of diamonds giving me the smaller full house. I bet out 4x the BB and he pushed all-in. He had me covered so if I call and loose I am out of the tournament. I started talking and asked him if he had a 10. I said “I bet you don’t have a 10 because you would of bet on the turn with trip tens, I bet you made a flush”. I called and he flipped over Q-4 diamonds and I took most of his chips with my boat.

I made it to the final table as the chip leader and managed to retain them til the end. Yes I won the free-for-all free-roll bar-room bingo poker tournament. Not sure if that makes me a fish. I got $25 in gift certificates for food or beverage at the Hard Times Café, and invited entry into the regional championship bar-room poker tournament coming up in December.