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Monday, August 15, 2005

Poker at the Showboat

Welcome to the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City, NJ. The Showboat has a brand new beautiful new poker room, and I participated in their inaugural tournament kicked off by WPT Champion Paul Darden, and Erin Ness. The showboat has about 15 tables and runs a variety of games including a juicy 1-2 No Limit Hold' Em. The poker room is on the second floor, across from the buffet and new House of Blues event center. The Showboat has undergone quite a renovation including the hip new House of Blues Casino, and a HoB restaurant.

The tournament was a standard $50 Buy-in with about 75 participants. Rounds were 20 minutes with ante's after the third round. With 4 tables left I found myself a little above average in chips with about 15K. I have A-Q off-suit in the big blind and call a raise from the button, the SB calls too. After an Ace hits on the flop, I raise, the button, who is about as obnoxious as they come, goes all in for about 15K. The SB thinks for a long time and the button tries to goat him into folding. He turns over 1 ace and the SB finally mucks pocket 7's. The floor man gave him a warning for showing his card calling it a bush-league play. He argued claiming he won a bracelet in 2004 and that was a play the pro's use. Apparently not at the Showboat, plus this wasn't a heads-up situation; this was a three way pot. I call and have him out kicked. The turn is a 7 which sends the SB off flying. I eliminate the obnoxious a-hole and the table applauds as he departs.

I made it to the final table near the chip lead. I took two players out with pocket 8's, got them a third time and went up against the Hilton sisters woops lost half my stack. I wound up finishing 6th for $210.

The Showboat will host a WSOP Circuit event the first week of December, where the main event will only be a $5000 buy in. They will of course have satellites leading up to this event.

I highly recommend the new Showboat Casino poker room in Atlantic City. The room is beautiful, the staff is friendly, and the fish tank is full.


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