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Friday, August 19, 2005

Birthday Bash on Hold

Flew into Las Vegas today for the weekend, I promised my sister-in-law, Katherine, that I would take her to Vegas for her 21st birthday….which is tomorrow. So here I am. As luck would have it, her plane was delayed, so she won’t get in til tomorrow. So I headed over to the Sahara Hotel and Casino to play in their $40 buy-in NL Hold’ Em tournament. Just under 200 participants, mostly beginner or intermediate, a few regulars. I do pretty well in the Sahara tournaments, last time I was in Vegas I played in 9 tournaments finishing in the money 4 times…including winning it twice.

I was sitting next to this pleasant South African fellow, he won a big multi-way pot early, flipped the dealer a green $25 tournament chip for a tip and started to gather up his chips to cash out. We were cracking up while trying to explain to him the concept that this was a tournament and he could not cash out.

I managed to make it to the final table, second in chips when my monster pocket aces ran into pocket jacks and got cracked when a Jack hit on the flop. I was cripples after that and went out in 10th place. In the money, but a disappointing finish.


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