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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Poker Lessons

I made my way over to the Rio and walked forever to get to the convention area where they were running the WSOP.

Okay, this place is big; I mean it’s like Africa big. Poker tables lined up in rows like the headstones at Arlington National Cemetery for as far as you can see. They have taken the convention room and turned it into poker headquarters for the next month and a half.

The tables are all numbered and they are kinda sectioned off, they have a section for cash games, a section for satellites, of course most of the room is for the main tournament they will run everyday. Then there is a section for the ESPN set for each final table.

They run 2 Super Satellites everyday which are MTT for seats in the Main Event. Buy in for the Super Satellites is $225, or you could play a $55 Sit-N-Go where 2 players win a buy-in to the Super Satellite.

They have other Sit-N-Go’s that they run around the clock….(table space permitting).
The cheapest is a $65 which nets a $650 payout minus the WSOP juice. They don’t pay you in cash though, you win special tournament chips that can be used for a buy-in to any of the WSOP events. Other Sit-N-Go’s include $125 for $1250, $175 for $1750, $225 for $2250, and $500 for $5000. Win two of those and you can buy in to the Main Event.

Many people play the Sit-N-Go’s and sell the winning chips to people standing in line to buy in to WSOP events. There’s even a capitalistic market influence where folks will buy the $500 chips for less then cash value then sell them for full value. You gotta love this country.

I signed up for a $175 Sit-N-Go so I could win at least $1500 for a WSOP event buy-in. Finished eighth, okay so back in line and into another one. Finished third this time, there was talk of a chop but we didn’t have unanimous agreement, I could of at least had one chip, oh well. Back in line and into another one, this time I finished second and should of won it. Folded K-2 off suit three handed on a board that came K92K6. The other two ended going all in……arrggggh the pain.

Well, at least I got a $500 poker lesson.


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