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Friday, June 03, 2005

H.O.R.S.E. at the MGM Grand

Hit the MGM Grand around 10:00 PM to play HORSE with the bloggers. I got a seat at a $1-$2 No Limit table while I waited. Spotted Dr. Pauly and Derrick on the rail so I introduced myself. Figured out that the HORSE game was already running in the posh, private room upstairs. I popped in and recognized several of the players from their blog profiles.

Felicia Lee was great, like the queen of diamonds at the poker table. She set up this HORSE game with the MGM Grand poker room manager. She could talk an Eskimo into buying an ice maker, and she convinced a major casino on the strip to turn over a couple of their tables for our game. Once they did, word spread around the poker room that the MGM was running a mixed game and they developed a waiting list. They opened a second table on the main floor and when my name came up on the list I jumped in.

Let me just say…..this table was crazy. We had blind bets, even blinder raises and calls, straddles, rocks, razz and pineapple. It was like sitting around your dining room table playing cards with professional dealers in this beautiful casino card room. They were bending over backwards to accommodate us.

Having never played razz, or Omaha 8 hi/low or pineapple for money before… was quite an experience. My best hand came in Hold’ Em when SpacemanTN did a live straddle and I looked down to find the hammer…I raised, he called blind. The flop came 7 10 2. I bet and he called blind. Turn was a blank and river was a 2 to complete my hammer house. I bet and he again, called blind. He turned over pocket Queens, but the celebration was short lived when I turned over the hammer. Arrgggg, blogger nirvana.


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