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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Friday the 13th Poker

Hosted our regular Friday night tournament tonight, 23 players, over $1200 in the pot. The action was fast and furious with lots of Re-Buys and lots of All-ins, only topped by the action in the cash game afterwards. It was a perfect night for Friday the 13th Poker.

Tripled up with pocket Kings and made it to the final table, only to get knocked out on the bubble when my pocket 5’s lost to pocket Kings.

The cash game afterwards was wild, over $1400 on the table and I took about 1/3 of it. First place in the tournament took $600, I cashed out of the cash game with over $500.

The cash game is a $.50/$1.00 NL Hold’Em, but the pots were averaging around $80. Loose is not the word for this game tonight, people would call all-in with any 2 cards hoping to hit a flop. Usually they’ll hit once in a while, not tonight, big cards held up most every time and my stack just kept growing.


Blogger JohnnyHarp said...


Just read what you want to do when you're in Vegas from the comments on UpForPoker.

Add in a little roulette and I'm right there with you, so as I am also flying sol,o give me a holler when CJ puts the phone list out.

Nice blog, you are officially in my explorer "Favorites"

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