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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Friday the 13th Poker

Hosted our regular Friday night tournament tonight, 23 players, over $1200 in the pot. The action was fast and furious with lots of Re-Buys and lots of All-ins, only topped by the action in the cash game afterwards. It was a perfect night for Friday the 13th Poker.

Tripled up with pocket Kings and made it to the final table, only to get knocked out on the bubble when my pocket 5’s lost to pocket Kings.

The cash game afterwards was wild, over $1400 on the table and I took about 1/3 of it. First place in the tournament took $600, I cashed out of the cash game with over $500.

The cash game is a $.50/$1.00 NL Hold’Em, but the pots were averaging around $80. Loose is not the word for this game tonight, people would call all-in with any 2 cards hoping to hit a flop. Usually they’ll hit once in a while, not tonight, big cards held up most every time and my stack just kept growing.

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Squeaking By

Many of our regular players were playing in a higher-limit game in Springfield tonight. So we had a smaller field for our Friday night tournament. I managed to squeak out a win, thats 2 weeks in a row.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pocket 7's...Not Good

Each week I look forward to the weekend, for my tournament on Friday night, and the Fredericksburg Poker Tour (FPT) game on Saturday night. And tonight, it was a good one. The format changed this week, from a $30 with Re-Buys to a $60 no Re-Buys. Thirty-two players and we got about the same amount in the pot.

Everyone had to adjust to this new format, it made for a much tighter, nicer game. Usually the mindset is “good enough to call…good enough to go all-in”. Tonight, it was on from the opening shuffle.

I got crippled early when I missed my nut-flush draw. Thank God I did, my wife had slow played her monster 4-2 off-suit on a board that came 4-2-2. I was able to eventually get back to near the original starting amount when we combined tables.

I doubled up against Rod when pocket 8’s held up against AQ. Stole a few more blinds here and there and made it to the final table with a respectable stack. Scored another big hand when I went all-in with a King high busted straight draw and caused Rod to fold his Ace high busted straight draw. This put him on tilt when I showed my bluff and two hands later he came over the top all-in with rags and I took him out. Rod has had my number for months and it was nice to extract a little revenge…not to mention a few chips.

By the time we got down to 3 players and in-the-money I was the chip leader. After the short stack was eliminated I found myself head-up with Charlie and a slight chip lead. We traded blinds back and forth for a while and then I got pocket 7’s. Raised…re raised…re- re raised and in a flash, we were both all in. Charlie turned over A-4 clubs. The flop was all clubs and that’s all she wrote…7-7 no good.

I finished 2nd and took $300, not bad with my winnings from last night, but I really wanted to win an FPT event and a coveted seat in their Tournament of Champions.