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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Pocket 7's...Not Good

Each week I look forward to the weekend, for my tournament on Friday night, and the Fredericksburg Poker Tour (FPT) game on Saturday night. And tonight, it was a good one. The format changed this week, from a $30 with Re-Buys to a $60 no Re-Buys. Thirty-two players and we got about the same amount in the pot.

Everyone had to adjust to this new format, it made for a much tighter, nicer game. Usually the mindset is “good enough to call…good enough to go all-in”. Tonight, it was on from the opening shuffle.

I got crippled early when I missed my nut-flush draw. Thank God I did, my wife had slow played her monster 4-2 off-suit on a board that came 4-2-2. I was able to eventually get back to near the original starting amount when we combined tables.

I doubled up against Rod when pocket 8’s held up against AQ. Stole a few more blinds here and there and made it to the final table with a respectable stack. Scored another big hand when I went all-in with a King high busted straight draw and caused Rod to fold his Ace high busted straight draw. This put him on tilt when I showed my bluff and two hands later he came over the top all-in with rags and I took him out. Rod has had my number for months and it was nice to extract a little revenge…not to mention a few chips.

By the time we got down to 3 players and in-the-money I was the chip leader. After the short stack was eliminated I found myself head-up with Charlie and a slight chip lead. We traded blinds back and forth for a while and then I got pocket 7’s. Raised…re raised…re- re raised and in a flash, we were both all in. Charlie turned over A-4 clubs. The flop was all clubs and that’s all she wrote…7-7 no good.

I finished 2nd and took $300, not bad with my winnings from last night, but I really wanted to win an FPT event and a coveted seat in their Tournament of Champions.


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