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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tuesday NIght Negreanu Open hosts a $10 weekly No-Limit Texas Hold-em tournament every Tuesday night on Poker Stars. The site is Daniel Negreanu's blog and the tournament is named in his honor.

Great competition and great comoradardie as these folks are more than just anaymous opponents. We get together online after the tournament and talk about plays and strategy.

Went on a rush midway through and held the chip lead for most of the tourney, finished third for $111.

Kool time.

Monday, January 03, 2005

I'm In The Money

Saturday was the second Fredericksburg Poker Tour (FPT) event of the year. The FPT is a weekly $30/$30 No Limit Texas Hold'em tournament with some of the better players in the area.

First place is usually close to $1000 and $200 from the pot goes into a fund for a seat at the 2006 WSOP. 52 weeks times $200 equals $10,400. The FPT holds a Tournament of Champions at the end of the year to decide who wins the WSOP seat.

You must win one of the weekly tournaments to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. I have played about 9 or 10 times over the last several months, finishing in the money (top 3) only once. I placed on the bubble twice and sixth once.

Until Saturday, what a great night. The tournament started around 7:30 pm. They had about 33 players spread out over 4 tables with dedicated dealers.

It wasn't long before I was the chip leader at my table and dictating the action.
And, it was the hammer that got me there.

I have about T2000 and blinds are 20/40. I'm UTG with 72o and I raise 4xBB. Got 4 callers including Button, SB & BB. Flops comes 7A7, fireworks are going off in my head.
Its checked to the button who raises all-in, about T1200, SB folds and the BB calls all in for about T700. I couldn't wait to call. They both flip over Ax and are asking me what’s my kicker.

I sent them on a spiral when I dropped the hammer on them. Turn and river were rags and I was now the chip leader.

I continued to build my stack and made it to the final table and then to the final 3 and ITM. I finished second and took $530, but no Tournament of Champions entry.

Oh well....Saturday can't get here quick enough.